How it works

Easy as 1, 2, 3... 4 ;)

  1. Pick an independent market close to you that suits your style
    • Will it be a farmers market? Artisanal? Virtual?

  2. Browse what’s been prepared for you & dig into the details
    • Who is making this stuff?
    • How is it being made?
    • What's actually in this?

  3. Choose your convenience
    • Will you pick up to check out the market and take in the scene, or will you get it delivered to your doorsteps for more convenience?

  4. Enjoy & Celebrate
    • Congrats! You've gotten your hands on some amazing goods. Enjoy & savour! Life is good.

On our platform, we host..

Independent markets

(ie. farmers' markets, independent grocers, virtual markets)


Local producers  

(ie. farmers, makers, bakers, brewers).

We work with the markets and community members to provide delivery and pick-up services.