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Started in 2020 as a way to support farmers' markets in Ontario, we're on a mission to make local more accessible everywhere!

Discover & experience local wherever you are.

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How It Works

Find artisans and their creations based on your location. Support nearby bakers, chefs, farmers, brewers, artists.. you name it! Each item is uploaded and sold directly by the artisan.

1) Discover

Find amazing artisans of Ashburn & their creations.

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Each artisan has different options.

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Why shop on FreshFind?

 Support real people near you

Every purchase you make provides a livelihood for a local artisan and their family. Each item is uploaded and sold by the producer.

Goods made with passion & care

Local, small-scale production means more hands-on care from real humans. Notice the difference in quality and uniqueness of each item!

  Ethical & sustainable practices

Our artisans produce in small-scale and care about who is consuming their products and what impact it has on the environment.

  Boosting local economy

Your money stays and circulates within the local economy, helping our communities thrive, unlike buying from big corporate producers.

Where do I start?

As a Local Consumer

Start shopping some unique, small-batch goods offered by real people in and around Ashburn.

As a Vendor

Are you an artist, artisan, chef, or grower wanting to sell your goods on FreshFind? Find out more on what it takes.