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FreshFind is home to independent farmers, bakers, brewers, chefs, artisans, crafters, artists, and other creators. If you are a producer wanting to show off your goods, we'd love to have you.


Fruits, vegetables, meats, and other farm goods.

Bakers & Chefs

Food, drinks, pastries, and snacks.


Arts, crafts, painting and woodworking.

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* Stripe is a world leading payment processing platform that facilitates secure, SSL-encrypted transactions. Our partnership with them allows us to protect you and your buyers 24/7.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Never pay a fee until you make a sale! When a customer purchases a product from you on FreshFind, you will be charged a 5% fee plus Stripe transaction fees.

Every Sunday, your orders from the week will be calculated and paid out to you through direct deposit.

Creating a store and getting it listed on our website takes less than 5 minutes. All you need to do is fill out the basic information about your business.

FreshFind is a place for you to sell your locally-made, small-scale production goods. If it meets that criteria, there are no limits to the types and categories of goods you can sell (other than illegal substances, of course).

No it's always free to have an online store on FreshFind. When you want to start selling, we would require a blank cheque or banking information to set up direct deposits.

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