What is FreshFind?

FreshFind is a digital marketplace for locally made goods. You can learn more about us here.

Why Local?

Because local offers high quality and a wide variety! You can find amazing products that you cannot find anywhere else. It reduces our carbon footprint and offers an elegant solution to sustainable living.

Do you offer delivery?

Delivery and pick-up options vary by each individual Market. Please refer to the Market you are shopping from and see what options they have available.

When & where can I pick up my order?

Each Market has a different pick up time schedule and location. Please check this when you're placing your order. You will also receive an email when the Market has your order ready.

How does FreshFind make money?

We have a revenue sharing model with our Markets and Vendors. We take a percentage transaction fee on each order to help fund our costs in technology, marketing, and customer support.

Are there any additional service fees?

We use Stripe as our payment processing partner to ensure all payments are secure. They charge 3.3% + 30 cents on each card transaction.

What payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit and debit cards. If you would like to see us add other payment options, please let us know!

Who can be a Vendor?

Our vendors are all local and independent producers. Currently on our platform we have farmers, bakers, brewers, artisans, potters, crafters, authors...the list goes on! Basically anyone who is passionate about their craft and desire to share with others.

How do I get listed on FreshFind?

We would love to have you join us! Please read more here.

Can I manage my own inventory & pricing?

Yes! As a Vendor, you have direct control over your products, inventory, and pricing. You upload your products, indicate which and how many are available, and adjust pricing anytime as you see fit.

How will logistics work?

The big benefit of our platform is that you can collaborate with Markets nearby (one or multiple) to get your goods out there. All you have to do is make a delivery to the Market and they will handle the remaining logistics of bringing it to customers.

Will I get paid directly?

Yes, we do automated direct deposits for all (card) sales you make through the platform.

How long does it take to get paid out?

We offer a short turn around time of 14 days to receive payment for any goods sold on our platform.

How much will it cost?

It is free to set up your profile and storefront - and it's yours to keep forever! We only charge a percentage fee when you make a sale through the platform. If you're selling through Markets, they may also charge a fee depending on the services they provide (marketing your goods, storing inventory, doing deliveries to customers etc).

Who can be a Market Operator?

Existing farmers' market managers or anyone who is passionate about bringing better food to their community are great candidates for becoming a Market Operator.

How do I get listed on FreshFind?

If you're interested in bringing your existing market onto the platform or starting a new one, please read more here.

What is the role of the Market Operator?

The Market Operator's role is to curate Vendors from their region to make their goods more accessible to nearby customers. Whether you want to offer pick-ups or deliveries or both to your community, it is entirely up to you! We provide the tools and support to help you operate your Market.

How much will it cost?

We don't charge anything for your Market to be set up. We take a percentage fee on any sale made through the platform and it will vary depending on your needs and size of your Market.

Will I have to pay out Vendors? Or will they get paid directly?

We facilitate automatic split payments made to Vendors in the form of direct deposits. It's one of the many ways we make your administrative tasks related to the Market easier.

Will we have to manage Vendors' accounts? Or can they manage their own?

Vendors usually manage their own products and inventory, but some Market Managers choose to assist some of their Vendors with it if they need the help.