FreshFind is a Canadian company making local more accessible. We work with local producers (farmers, artisans, chefs, artists) and markets to make fresh, local goods more available to you!

On the website, you will find local vendors & markets near you offering their products. You can browse and shop for pickup or delivery. Options depend on each seller. When you make a purchase, you are directly supporting the local seller or market!

Everyone has different definitions of what 'local' means. That is why we show you what's closest to you based on your location and you can set your own distance range of how 'local' you want to go! This is available by clicking the location in the top navigation bar.

Delivery options depend on each seller. Please refer to the product or vendor to see what your options are for getting the product.

Delivery times depend on each seller and what delivery service they are using. Please refer to the particular vendor or product on the delivery times when you're making an order.

Pickup options and locations depend on each seller. Please refer to the product or vendor to see what your options are for getting the product.

We have a revenue sharing model with our sellers - which means that we charge a commission fee (10% to vendors) and a separate transaction fee ($1.50 + 6% to customers) when something is sold.

On your order, we charge $1.50 + 6% which includes our platform fee and payment processing.

We accept most forms of electronic payment (Credit, Debit, Google/Apple Pay) and some vendors also accept cash upon pickup.

We take your satisfaction very seriously. If you would like to make a return on your item(s), please contact the seller first. If you're not satisfied with their response, please contact us and we will make it right to the best of our ability!

Yes, we also partner with farmers' markets to help them coordinate with their vendors in making their products available online. Our goal is to make these types of local products more accessible and not just at the physical market once a week.

We are an online marketplace where you can sell your local goods to customers nearby. Once you list your products on the platform, we help you sell it and also provide you with tools that help you manage and grow your business.

It is completely free to set up your storefront on FreshFind - and it's yours to keep forever! We charge a 10% commission fee when you make a sale through the platform and you keep the remaining 90%. Our commission free selling feature also helps you bypass this fee for any new or existing customers that you bring to your storefront. There is also a $1 fee on your payouts to cover Stripe payout fees and monthly account fees.

It is easy to become a vendor and list your products on FreshFind. Please find out more information here.

It takes about 10 minutes to setup your profile and list your products on FreshFind. You can find out more  here.

Yes! We're an open marketplace meaning there will be multiple vendors of the same kind on the platform. Since we show customers what's available based on their location and different customers prefer different sellers, there is a need for multiple vendors even if the offering is in similar categories.

Order fulfillment is up to you as the seller. We are happy to connect you with local delivery options & local markets to carry your goods. But ultimately, you get to choose the different pickup or delivery options that you wish to offer to your customers.

Every Sunday, we calculate what you've sold that week and schedule an automated direct deposit to your bank account.

Stripe - which is the payment processing company that we use - usually takes about 5-7 business days to deposit the money into your account.

If you're interested in bringing your existing market onto the platform or starting a new one, please read more here.

Yes! Many farmers' markets use our platform to organize their market and also have it more accessible by the public. We help you collaborate with your vendors to have your online market by automating vendor product upload, payments, and accounting.

Our platform is open to any type of independent market that offers local products. Whether it be a farmers' market, a virtual market, artisan market, or a local retail store, contact us and we'd be happy to work with you.

The Market's role is to curate Vendors from their region to make their goods more accessible to nearby customers. Whether you want to offer pick-ups or deliveries or both to your community, it is entirely up to you! We provide the tools and support to help you operate your Market.

We don't charge anything for your Market to be set up. We charge a fee on the transactions made through the platform (unless you bring your own customers) and it will vary depending on your needs and size of your Market. Please reach out to us to discuss what pricing might make sense for you.

We facilitate automatic split payments made to Vendors in the form of direct deposits. It's one of the many ways we make your administrative tasks related to the Market easier.

Vendors usually manage their own products and inventory, but some Market Managers choose to assist some of their Vendors with it if they need the help.

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