Growing Local Commerce

FreshFind was founded with the mission of spreading some of life's greatest joys - sharing incredible foods and experiences with the people that we care about. We believe that it is through these moments that our health, and well-being, are elevated along with that of our planet.

Today we serve as the source for local groceries and artisanal products for all occasions. You will find everything from home-cooked delicacies, to fresh produce, baked goods, and dairy, as well as a great variety of other artisanal goods - all made and distributed with love and care from your local vendors and markets.

A sustainable and meaningful commerce network

Collaborative Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is a network of independent vendors, markets, and consumers who share similar values of health, well-being, and sustainability. We focus on working together as a team to make better quality goods and experiences accesible to consumers.

Sharing Resources & Tools

When independent smaller groups come together and share resources, they gain access to tools and information that would otherwise be inaccessible or unatainable.

Well-being of People & Planet

At the core of what we do is our desire to elevate the health of our planet and everyone on it. By creating a more sustainable and meaningful way to exchange and consume goods, we can change the fate of our planet & species.

Benefits of Going Local

High Quality & Freshness

Local, small-scale production means more hands-on care and love goes into the process from real humans.

Wider Variety of Goods

Each item carries the uniquness and style of each producer, leading to a whole variety of goods you won't find anywhere else.

Less Carbon Footprint

No more airplanes or trains for transporting your goods. Mother Earth thanks you!

More Nutrients Retained

The time between the picking/producing and consumption is drastically reduced, keeping more than 40% extra nutrients in the food.

Less Preservatives & Pesticides

Because it is travelling much shorter distances, there's less need for industrial grade chemicals.

Support Local Economy

Your money goes directly to the producers and stays within the economy to help your community thrive.

Where do I start?

happy locals
As a Local Consumer
None of this is possible without conscious consumers like you! Kudos for caring about what you consume and how you source it.
local producer
As a Producer
Whether you are a new or existing small-scale producer, you can start selling on FreshFind in minutes.
local market
As a Market
Market managers play a critical role in making local goods more accessible. We welcome both new and existing markets.