Real food.

Grown & made by real people near you.

Tired of big box grocery food?  

Feel like food and factories don’t belong together?

Want unique & wholesome goods made by real people near you?

Well we're glad you found us.

FreshFind is a core belief that locally grown & made foods are better.

Our goal is to provide an easy and affordable way for you to choose & experience local.

Explore your local farmers, artisans, bakers and brewers, and see the amazingness they have to offer.

Our Priorities


We bridge the gap between food production and consumption. We directly connect people with producers nearby.


We promote more information around food. More information = better decisions and transparency drives accountability.


A good life starts with being and feeling well. Our mission is to take care of our selves, friends, family, community, and the planet.

Who we are doing it with

Local Producers

Farmers, bakers, brewers, growers, artisans, chefs... there are may names for them, but these local producers all focus on one thing: making amazing goods for their family, friends, & neighbours.

Local Markets

Existing local markets are an integral part of every community's local food system and serve as amazing distribution hubs. We work with them to bring you local delivery and pick-up options.

Local Consumers

aka YOU :)
Who care about what food you and your family consume. We serve you to make it easer to choose local, fresh and healthy.

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