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Welcome to FreshFind

The easiest to use commerce tool to start, run, and grow your home-based food making venture.

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Who We Are

FreshFind began in 2020 working with local businesses across Canada to modernize their operations and do e-commerce during the pandemic.

Today, we offer a suite of tools to simplify digital commerce, and we provide a professional business network to support home-based foodmakers across Canada.

Our Mission

We help to transform your culinary passion into a thriving career.

We empower small-scale food makers by fostering growth and decentralizing the local food ecosystem.

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Nourishing Generations: Our Commitment to Long-Term Sustainability

FreshFind is committed to cultivating a sustainable future, not just for ourselves but for our community of local food artisans and small businesses.

By investing in the vitality of our planet and the local food ecosystem, we're not only future-proofing FreshFind but also empowering our merchants to build resilient, thriving businesses for the long haul.

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