What is a Market?

Each Market is managed by a Market Operator, who collaborates with local Producers to help residents access fresh, high quality goods at a fair price.

FreshFind helps you grow your market by connecting you with Vendors who are looking to expand their distribution network. As a market, you enjoy the flexibility to work with a variety of independent small business owners. You can hand-pick the list of Vendors & Products according to your liking, and offer Curbside Pickup and/or Delivery to customers as you see fit.

On average, a FreshFind Market Operator earns an income of 10% - 20% of the sales generated while contributing 10 - 15 hours of work per week. Each Market can customize its own fees depending on the related costs.

What does FreshFind provide?

We work closely with each and every Market to expand their service both online and in-person, and help reach their local communities better by sharing the costs of technology and marketing with other markets on FreshFind. The true collaborative power of a network!

Expand Your Online Business

Our beautiful, turn-key online storefront gets your market up and running online within minutes. Reach nearby customers more easily and grow your business online with intuitive e-commerce features. (Offer Delivery or Pick Up - and did we mention Phone Ordering for Seniors?)

Automatic Payouts to Vendors

No more hours spent each week calculating by hand how much each Vendor is owed and e-transferring their money. We automate all of this.

Simplify Your Offline Operations

With our POS system for in-person transaction, you can integrate your Online & Offline operations into one platform and offer a seamless hybrid market experience. No more paper receipts and money/inventory tracking!

Power of Data & Analytics

Engage your customers by getting to know them better and get insights on Market operations to make better decisions. For example, which products sell best and when?

Products & Inventory Managed by Vendors

Don't worry about managing inventory and products manages their offerings portal and make sure that everything date.

24/7 Personal Support

We provide business, marketing, and technology support to you every step of the way. Our relationship is one of partnership in heading towards our overarching misssion. Your satisfaction and performance is in our best interest, and we truly want you to succeed.

Expand your existing market or start your own with no risk

Local Markets

For selling online and digitising operations (Farmers/Artisanal/Virtual - public/private)

Local Business

Add alternative revenue sources and increasing SKUs

School & Churches

Fundraising for meaningful causes


Earning a full or side income

How It Works?


Build a Market

Find and list products from nearby producers on your online FreshFind market


Take Orders

Advertise in your neighbourhood and receive orders from customers


Arrange Pickup/Delivery

Receive shipments from producers and arrange logistics for customers


Collect Payment

Receive payment within 2 weeks

Operating a market in FreshFind ecosystem

FreshFind endeavours to build a community that matches the needs of local business owners and passionate distributors. We help you accomplish your business goals as a market operator by providing easy access to local farmers and artisans who want to scale up their business through your distribution network.

Transparent Business Model

0$ Upfront Cost

There is no risk to start or grow a market with FreshFind. It is free to set up with FreshFind.

10% - 30% Average Margin on Good Sold

You can earn a margin whenever a producer sells an item through your market.

67% - 87% Direct to Local Producers

The majority of the transaction income will be directed to dedicated producers to support local economy.

5% Transaction Fee to FreshFind

When a producer sells through your market, we receive a small fee to cover our costs in supporting you better.

What do I need?

Pickup Location

Serve as a hub for customers to pick up from, or for vendors to drop off their products

Passion for Community and Well-being

Make a difference by supporting the business owners

Join us today and help make commerce more meaningful.

Frequently Asked Questions

We facilitate automatic split payments made to Vendors in the form of direct deposits. It's one of the many ways we make your administrative tasks related to the Market easier.

Want to get in touch?

Give us a call or text @ 647-809-3891. We're happy to chat anytime.