Prairie Boy Bread

Toronto,  ON
100% Organic Sourdough Bread
About Us

Our bread is baked in our stone hearth oven at our bakery at 970 College Street.  We feel that our bread is among the most flavorful and beautiful bread being made in Toronto. The long ferment time (18+ hours) is particularly helpful to those who have gluten issues as the lactic acid producing bacteria in the culture breaks down the glutens making them more easily digestible.
Great bread comes from great flour and we are proud to use only naturally grown Ontario “Fife” and “Norwell” flour. We use 100% organic Ontario flour in ALL of our breads. Our white flour is milled at the historic Arva Mills. Our whole grain flours are milled by the artisans at K2 milling. The stone ground flours come from our friends at the Hoffnung Mennonite collective. 

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Toronto, ON

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