Mehetta Bammies

Mississauga,  Ontario
Taste of Jamaica Fi Real
Vegan · Gluten free · Plant based
About Us

My kind and loving Jamaican grandmother cared for and nourished our family with wholesome foods from the earth.

It was the touch of her hands, the aroma of the outdoor kitchen, and the deep connection to my grandmother that inspired me to continue the legacy and tradition of feeding others with fresh, handmade bammies.

Today, the Mehetta Bammies we love and crave, are simple as they were then – a nutritious flatbread made from only cassava (yuca or manioc) infused with natural herbs and spices. That’s it!

When you are looking for that natural homemade goodness, our vegan, gluten-free all-natural bammies are 100% plant-based and 100% yummy
My hopes and dreams are to make this healthy plant-based bread in its 6 delicious varieties of herbs and spices as a healthy alternative to bread.

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