Let’s Craft It!

Toronto,  ON
Organic · Natural · Ayurveda
About Us

Let’s Craft It! is a ‘For Purpose’ social enterprise, Our mission & vision is to enhance the experience and the gift of Mother Nature.

We achieve this by integrating the principles of ancient science of Ayurveda & promoting the use of Natural, Organic & Biodegradable raw materials in our hand made artisan Health & Wellness essentials. and through a variety of FUNdraisers & DIY events that promote environmental sustainability, learning and wellness.

The vision of social enterprise and the mission to build a ‘For Purpose’ Organization echoes across every aspect of our business.

It is a continuous & evolving process of exploring avenues to integrate natural, organic, biodegradable & plant based raw materials in our Health & Wellness essentials.
We always strive towards delivering top quality high value products while making sure we encourage & support the participation of under privileged & economically backward strata of our society in the making of our artisan products.

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