Vzzz’s Caribbean Catering

Owned by  Veenece Alisha Mapp

Vzzz’s Caribbean Catering Specializes in Seafood Cuisine in a refined Modern way.The Inspiration comes from business owner Veenece Mapp St.Vincent & the Grenadines West Indies upbringing.Vzzz’s Caribbean Catering has cultural influences through flavours and hospitality that is taken great pride in. When the business first started in April 2020,Veenece was working a full time job in Hamilton as a personal support worker,while taking care of a 7 year old son and pursuing Vzzz’s Caribbean Catering as a home based business in the middle of the pandemic.Vzzz’s Caribbean Catering started out as a catering company however has now pivoted into a take out model due to Covid 19.Today Veenece was able to quit her job and go full time with the catering business. Vzzz’s joined the Kitchen Collective,a culinary incubator June 5th 2021.Our values and principles stands on inclusivity and is big on Women Empowerment. The products and services that we offer are catering,takeout along with our product line which consist gluten free Cajun garlic butter sauces and frozen shrimp packages.

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Cajun Garlic Butter Sauce
Vzzz’s Caribbean Catering
Gluten-free Cajun Garlic Butter
Vzzz’s Caribbean Catering
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