La Mermaid Noir

Owned by  Eleshia Thomas

We specialize in metaphysical crystal jewelry designed for healing, meditation, and everyday life.
We have a variety of pieces from rings, earrings, braclets, pendants, anklets, and even keychains. With the support of the community, La Mermaid Noir is proud to heal and bless others, provide the knowledge and tools to assist in healing.

Wellness Box
Scarborough Farmers' Market - Oakridge Vendors
Chakra Dominoe jewelry set
La Mermaid Noir
Resin Dominos Earrings, and Pendant
La Mermaid Noir
Pom pom resin crystal Keychains
La Mermaid Noir
Roses & Rose Quartz Resin Dominoes Keychain chains
La Mermaid Noir
Crystal gemstone resin keychains
La Mermaid Noir
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