"There is no love sincerer than the love of food."

- George Bernard Shaw

FreshFind is on a mission to make local goods more accessible

Born out of COVID-19, FreshFind began as a way to connect local farmers, producers, and markets, with consumers.

Our goal is to bring communities closer to the amazing goods that are grown, crafted, & made locally every day.

What we are creating


Bridging the gaps between communities and their local food source. Bringing production closer to home, shortening the supply chain, and increasing transparency & understanding of the process.


Building self-sustaining communities and a bright future. Promoting regenerative production processes. Enjoying today without taking away from tomorrow.


Finding inspiration in food and celebrating life's moments with those we care about.

Who we are doing it with

Local Producers

Farmers, bakers, brewers, growers, artisans, chefs... there are may titles for them, but these local producers all focus on one thing: making amazing goods for their family, friends, & neighbours.

Farmers' Markets

Farmers' markets are an amazing local distribution hub and an integral part of every community's local food system. We work with these markets to bring you local delivery and pick-up options.

Conscious Consumers

aka YOU :)
None of this is possible without you.

Creating accessibility for


Farmers Markets


Local Vendors


Unique Products

How you can get involved

Let's bring forward the best of what's local & prosper together.