Welcome to Georgetown Farmers' Market!

Saturdays 8am - 12:30pm | June - October

Since 1993, fresh, juicy fruits & berries and field-ripened tomatoes & veggies picked in the morning and served at your dinner table that night!  Along with the incredible, vast selection of farm-fresh, never-refrigerated, from the fields of Ontario produce, remember all the unique and delicious extras the Farmers’ Market offers:

  • honeys, syrups and jams;
  • deli & cured meats;
  • hand-made botanical soaps and lotions;
  • regional artisans and talented crafters;
  • flowers and plants;
  • buskers;
  • …and more… something to suit everyone!
What to Expect

Just imagine the fresh, juicy red strawberries or field-ripened tomatoes picked that morning and being served on your dinner table tonight! Along with the incredible selection of farm-fresh, never-refrigerated, warm-from-the-fields Ontario produce, remember all the delicious extras the Farmers’ Market has to offer.

Some of the items you can expect to find are local seasonal fruit and vegetables, local honey, syrup and jams, deli meat items, hand-made botanical soaps and lotions, artisans, flowers and plants. Every week we also feature talented crafters and local community groups that appeal to a wide variety of interests.

Please note, friendly family pets are welcome, but must be leashed and kept back from the food and vendors in order to address any health and safety issues. We also ask that you remember, you love your dog, but everyone may not feel the same way about pets. Some people are afraid of them or nervous with them around their children so please be considerate of this. Thank you for your understanding!

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