Why FreshFind?

What we do differently:

Food Made by Real People

Check out who’s making your food and how. Make a more informed choice. Heads up - we don’t think food and factories really belong together.

Curated & Delivered Personally

Our market managers personally curate the best producers and vendors around you. They care about connecting you with the best sources nearby.

Quality = #1 Priority

Our team cares about the food we consume and feel good knowing that it’s real and healthy food. Quality is the #1 priority and it is silly to compromise it for extra profit.


We reduce the inefficiencies and costs of the traditional food system by reducing unnecessary steps in packaging, transportation, storage and shelf space. This helps us bring down food prices, give higher profits to farmers/producers, and bring better food to you.


By participating in the local food movement, you’re contributing to something greater. We’re reducing our carbon footprint, making our consumption more sustainable, and creating more equally prosperous communities.