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Vegan pre-made
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Almond Cheeze
$10.00/Half wheel
Applewood Smoked Seitan
Chick'un pot pie
$13.00/1 pan
Chick'un pot pie family size
$28.00/1 large pan
DIY Breakfast 4 pack- Pre Order for Saturday Pickup
$25.00/1 package
Individual Vegan Lasagna
Individual Vegan Lasagna [Gluten Free]
Lasagna Family Size
Souvlaki Seitan
Souvlaki Seitan, Spicy
Vegan Individual Truffle Mac and Cheese
Vegan Truffled Mac and Cheese [Large]
Almond chevre
$10.00/1 pack
Banana coconut cream pie
$25.00/1 large pan
Basil Garlic Ricotta
beet bundt
Bleu Cheese
Blue Cheese Dressing - Smoked
$8.50/Vegan Blue Cheese ..
Brownies - 3 Pack - Frozen
Candy Cane latte
Okay. Cool :)