For Vendors

As part of our mission to make local goods more accessible, we invest our energy into helping small to medium-sized food producers grow and succeed.

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Our Core Features

We have many features that enable the farmers, bakers, brewers, growers, artisans, chefs, and other local producers who work with us to grow and expand their business.

Custom Profiles

Create a profile to help your customers find your products, learn more about who you are and your production process, and share you with their friends & family.

Customer Management

Instantly access and edit your customer’s full profile and history with instant search.

Order Management

Easily sort through orders to know what to prepare and when to have it out the door.

Product Management

Each product has a myriad of settings to help you control its listing and inventory.

Market Management

Join new markets nearby and access new customers while offloading a lot of the minutiae of the distribution process.

Data & Analytics

Gain insights about new markets to join, see what products are in high demand, receive advice about how to optimize pricing to maximize profits, and get notified when inventory is low.